November 5, 2012

Gamesweek incoming x3

I suppose my non-italian friends will not know what I'm talking about, but in 4 days, right here in my very city, the "Gamesweek" will start ^^

What is it? Well, it's simply a games convention where public will be able to look and try the upcoming games. Think of it like an E3 or a TGS, only on a bit smaller scale.

Obviously, I already gathered a few friends and we'll attend it from the beginning, the 9th of November and, if you're wondering, yep, I'll write my impressions on every game I'll try in the blog.

I should be able to try the new Nintendo console WiiU and quite a few games, we'll see how it works XD

October 30, 2012

Dragon Quest VII will get a 3DS remake

Looks like a "new" RPG will arrive soon for the Nintendo 3DS, this time is "Dragon Quest VII", originally released for PSX

What do I think about it? Honestly...I don't know...I never played this game on PSX, it was never released in Europe, so, I'll look foward to see and play it, even if there are a lot of other games of the series that I still have to finish, like "Dragon Quest VIII"

October 10, 2012

Pokemon PETA version


The 12th of October, we european guys will be able to get our paws on the new Pokémon games: White 2 and Black 2, the first direct sequels in the Pokémon main series (not counting Gold and Silver, even if it's set in the same region, with a little time skip, and...oh well...).

There is, however, something else, related to the franchise, that is making some news: the (in)famous organization for the animal rights , the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (or PETA) has once again started a campaign against the Pokémon games.

The motive is the same: Pokémon is showing childrens that keeping animals stucked in tiny little balls and making them battle is a good thing, so, logically, it's positive to animal abuse and cruelty.

"It doesn't make sense", you say? Don't worry, nothing related to PETA makes sense...remember the "Super Mario 3D Land" promotes raccoon hunt because of the Tanuki Suit? show the real intention of the evil Pokèmon games, PETA counterattacks with a parody flash game based on it, called "Pokémon Black & Blue: Gotta free 'em all".

As you can see, the theme of this kids game is REVENGE...wait, what?
In this game you control an abused Pikachu and other injured Pokémons, in short battles against the evil and abusive humans like Cheren and Professor Juniper.
While still possessing the basic attacks like Thundershock, there are also some special ones like "Protests" and "Group Hug", I guess because they want to show "the good thing to do", duh...

Successfully beating the crap out of the humans, you'll gain some little bonuses, like wallpapers and cards.

Tepig - Your Lotta Hart cosplay is awful!

You can try the flash game by clicking the link below

Now, after playing the game, I guess I should say my opinion, it's also perfect 'cause it's kinda RPGish, so it's totally my department! x3

I really don't have a lot to say, I have just one thing to say...


Why this? What is the purpose of it? What does it try to accomplish?They're really trying to pin animal abuse on a children game/anime? What the hell are they thinking?

It almost feel like nobody is giving a shit to this organization and that they desperatly need attentions, so they just say the greatest idiocy in the world, so people will start talking about them, and somehow, it worked.

I'm not even against what they're trying to say, of course, it's totally understable what they're trying to bad that even their message is wrong: I want to show us that forcing animals to fight other animals and hurting them is bad, really bad, so, what do they do? They let us play a game where we use INJURED ANIMALS to fight against HUMANS, that's almost worse...

What everybody see
What PETA see

It''s impossible to take it seriously...I'm trying, really, but with things like that...

Just...just try something else, PETA, flash parody games totally aren't your things...

On the good side, nice drawing and nice music

September 2, 2012

Back from vacations x3

Yay, I'm finally back from a long month of was nice, but after a bit it became boring XD

So I'm finally here and I'm ready to start using this blog seriously...or at least I'll try ^_^''

July 11, 2012

Time for some art

Well, I'm kinda short of things to say recently, so I'll let a pic I just finished to do the talk in my place XD

Here's Zephir Proudhon with his new clothes, hope you'll like it ^^

June 20, 2012

Bad news for Italian and Spanish Kingdom Hearts fans

Well, even if it's incredible to hear and impossible to accept, it looks like "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance", the last chapter of the well known Square-Enix saga coming in July for Nintendo 3DS...will not be translated in Italian and Spanish.

Yup, that's right...the european version of the game will contain only English, French and German subtitles.

Is this a marketing move from Disney to sell more "Magic English" here in Italy?

Here's the direct quote from the Square-Enix blog...

As we get close to the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance], we want to make it clear to European fans which languages the game will be available in. Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] will be localised into English, French and German. The VO will be in English only, with English, French and German subtitles. In Spain and Italy the game will be available in Spanish and Italian boxes with accompanying documents, but the game itself will be playable in English only.
We want to make this completely clear for our European customers so there is no confusion. We hope all fans of the series will still be able to enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] and the fantastic new features it brings to the series; it’s a game we are really proud of.
Now, personally, it's not THAT big deal...I mean, I know English, I can read it, I can speak it...but it's kinda strange to see a series with many spin-offs, every single one translated in the main european languages...and then, the new chapter (that, as they said, will be directly connected and will act as a prelude to the final game "Kingdom Hearts 3") will not receive this treatement...does this mean that any future "Kingdom Hearts" game will not be translated? Is that because the past games didn't sold enough in those countries?

I don't know and probably nobody will know, I also asked directly on the blog, and this was the answer...

Unfortunately we can't go into any further details other than what has been outline in statement above, sorry.
 So...well, it looks like the 20th of July we'll have to pick up our high school English sucks anyway.

Link to the news -

May 16, 2012

RPG News : Final Fantasy, Pokemon and more...

Plenty of news recently, mostly about Final Fantasy


- Nomura recently stated in an interview that he's aware that fans really want a Final Fantasy VII remake more than everything.
However, he also stated that Square-Enix is now mainly focused on new games instead of remakes, as they want to create something even better than the seventh chapter. He also said that Yoshinori Kitase (FFXIII-2 producer) is gonna be his successor for Final Fantasy leadership in the future.
Not a bad idea in my opinion, FFXIII/XIII-2 are really good games.

- Speaking of FFXIII-2, new DLC were released: a new colosseum battle against Snow and Valfodr and the Story DLC with Lightning: this one will feature a different battle system, but not really a revolution.
Lightning will have some new roles, different from the Ravager, Commando and Medic ones and will feature a Level up system based on how you do well in battle.

- Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not be at the upcoming E3, big surprise XD


Anime trailer for the new Pokemon Black 2/White 2, and wow, it's awesome XD


New info for the crossover game between Namco, Capcom and Sega:

- Support Attack and Cross Hit systems detailed
- Support Attacks are special attacks from your fellow party members
- if another unit is near your unit (around 8 spaces), you'll be able to trigger a Support Attack 
- the support unit will perform a followup attack 
- this can only be used once in battle
- Cross Hit is related to Support Attacks
- if the main unit and support unit strike the enemy simultaneously, you'll trigger a Cross Hit 
- this freezes the enemy and allows for easier combos

Also, new characters:

- Street Fighter’s Chun Li
- Darkstalkers’ Morrigan
- Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier’s Haken Browning and Kaguya Nanbu
- Sakura Wars’ Erica and Gemini
- Dynamite Deka’s Bruno
- Valkyrie no Densetsu’s Valkyrie


According to a recent interview with producer Hideo Baba

- catch phrase for the new game is "Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?"
- this ties into both the story and gameplay systems
- this game will have a more modern theme
- consider this the team's challenge to take the Tales series to the next stage
- Namco Bandai has other Tales games in development besides this entry
- when Tales Studio closed, that studio's staff moved into Namco Bandai
- now members of the Tales team can move to the Idolmaster team, and members of the Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master teams come to the Tales team

That's it for now, see ya XD

May 11, 2012

RPG News: Atelier Ayesha opening

As the title says, they released the opening of the upcoming new RPG "Atelier Ayesha"

What to say...very...flowerish x3

I remind you that Atelier Ayesha is developped by Gust and it'll be released on PS3 during summer in Japan.
American and European releases still unknow

May 2, 2012

Echoes of Eternia

Now, I feel like I really HAVE to talk about this, being a blog about RPGs I think it's pretty mandatory.

Ok so, a lot of friends pointed me to this indie j-RPG game still in development called "Echoes of Eternia". The director of the game was raising money for it using Kickstarter which is a website used to raise money for various projects from arts to games.
I thought there was nothing wrong with it, I mean, donating a bit to show faith and interest in a game? Cool, it works. But then, I saw this "Echoes of Eternia" project and I realized that sometimes things are just WRONG in any way.

Here's for you the link to the game's Kickstarter

Echoes of Eternia

There you can see the "interview" with the so-called head developper Ryan Harmon. If that didn't gave you a feel of wrong, then, let's analize this game.

First of all, take a look at the in-game screenshots

This game is made with RPGMaker VX, a program that makes you create j-RPG style guy is using a program, made by somebody else, using graphic and tilests already inside the program, no added coding, very little efforts...and he NEEDS 10.000$? For what?

I mean, wow, I didn't even know it was legal to sell your games made with RPGMaker, but, apperently it is if you actually bought the program licence (which is 60$) and you use the pre-installed RTP or custom graphic made by yourself...but take a look again at the pictures, the game is made TOTALLY with the pre-installed RTP library, what is the point in asking funds if you don't even try to add something different from all the others (and free to play) RPGMaker games?
Also, I think it'll be good to point out something else about the graphic.
Take a look here...

And now look here...

Notice anything? Little hint...IT'S TOTALLY THE SAME!!!!
I mean, did he just cropped the grass down the tree? Are we serious? This is art steal, plain and simple!
In his update journal this guy never mention this artist.

And on the other side, the artist never said that it's a sprite for the game...also, I mean...a sprite for a 2012 game, made in 2009??? No shit, you definitely failed here, Ryan...

Ok, enough with the graphic, let's talk about something else.

Stating the official description of the game, Echoes of Eternia has incredible features like...

  • 30+ Hours of gameplay. ( Not including all Side-Quests )
  • Active Turn Based Battle System. Ex: Final Fantasy
  • Highly tactical Battle System. Focuses on player enhancements and Elemental weakness/resistances.
  • No random encounters! All enemies will be present on screen and it is up to you to decide whether you fight them or not.
  • Complex puzzle solving.
  • Emotional and Compelling story line. ( Details coming soon )
  • Gorgeous hand drawn battle sprites for Players and Enemies.
  • Completely original soundtrack.
  • Fully voice acted. ( Only in cutscenes, not for general text. )
  • High Quality 32bit Goodness! 
  • PC exclusive. ( see FAQ section for more details )
Half of these aren't features but, whatever...
As a special thing this guy added for the donators who gives a lot of money, he give the possibility to add his own voice to the characters, to create a character on their own or even design a sub-quest or an event...what is the purpose of that??? Using inexperienced people to do some of the most important aspects of the game for free? No wait, after they paid you? That's not how GOOD games are made!

As a recap, what are we paying for?

   Your Donation will be used to make Echoes of Eternia as best as possible. The money will be used to fund the Amazing art from Melissa Hui Wang who has done so much to help out this project and has made it so much better than it ever could have been without her. It will also fund an Original Soundtrack produced by Dream Orbit Music Corps, Animation by Josh Buchanan, and Legalities like Copyrights and Trademarks. Any extra funds generated will be used to produce higher quality content and ensure us that we have full creative freedom.
Basically, our money will be used to grant him some commissions from other guys and AFTER THAT, he could use the money for the actual game...nice job pal.
No, seriously, if the artist is in your team, why do you have to pay her for every single art? In fact, is she in your team actually, or you just want to squeeze pictures out of her?

Guys, I REALLY could go on, saying about what is wrong with it, but, I guess it's pretty useless, you just need to analize it to understand that a game that doesn't show any sign of work, doesn't need to be supported with money.
Now, don't get me wrong, I highly support indie developpers, they're part of the gaming future, but the real ones really put efforts in their products, starting from scraps to create good pieces of games.
This is just a preposterous mass of shame. This guy should be ashamed of himself, asking money for something he didn't, promising stuff that (I'm fairly certain about it) will never became real.

But hey, his goal was 10.000$ and looks like he already have almost 35.000$, so well, we'll soon be able to enjoy a really expensive RPGMaker VX game...or...not very soon, since the game is scheduled for release during Q1 of

Meanwhile, I think I'll probably to play some Tales of Eternia...

Wait a sec...Tales of Eternia...Echoes of Eternia...Eternia...Eternia...

Nah, it's DEFINITELY a coincidence...

April 30, 2012

RPG News, starting now

Here's another little thing I decided to do for the blog x3
From now on, I'll write here all the news regarding RPGs of all the consoles, so we'll be able to track everything of our favorites games.
Since it's the first, I'll start with a little recap of the news of the week


-Dragon Quest X
Square-Enix finally announced the release data for his new Dragon Quest chapter(which, I remind you, it'll be a MMORPG). The Wii version will be released in Japan the 2nd of August, while the WiiU version is still without date.
There will be two releases: a normal one and a bundle with a 16GB USB Key, probably for downloadable contents.
There is also to say, that you need to pay to play online on this game and that there will be subscriptions of 1.000, 1.950 or 2.900 yen for 30, 60 and 90 days of online play, but Square will give to all new players a 20 days free subscription.
It's really a strange thing to have a MMORPG on Wii, and not even a free-to-play game...but, hey, we'll just have to wait the 2nd of August for the first impressions XD


-Mass effect 3
For PS3 players, they are finally able to play the Multiplayers events that for now were exclusive to only Xbox 360 and PC players, thanks to both Sony and Bioware

-Atelier Ayesha
Some new screens and info for the new "Atelier" game from Gust company.
Gust confirmed that the new battle system will allow the character to freely move on the battlefield. The distance from the enemy will be essential for the damage and the co-op attacks, but you'll also be able to attack from behind for a great surprise strike.
Down below a couple of screens

XBOX 360

-Dragon Dogma
The demo of this open-world RPG is out on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, but there is also another interesting thing for the japanese Xbox players...buying one of the new Chrome controller you'll also have a special code that will give you access to eight special quests in the game.

A DLC code for a game bundled with a controller? Interesting XD


-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Looks like a DLC is on his way on this open world RPG: some users from the official community of Skyrim found on one of the last update of the game a folder named DLC01 with datas, animations, weapons, totally new for the game, so it'll probably be about a new downloadable content that will be relased soon, but since there's nothing official from Bethesda, we'll just have to wait...

-Final Fantasy XIII-2
As most of you know it, during May we'll be able to download two special story DLC: one with Snow and one with Lightning.
We finally know some feature of the young lady episode: the battle system will be something a bit different and from the screens we have, we can see that Lightning possess some new roles different from the original six ones, such as Attack Paladin, Blast Wizard and Defense Knight

Also, new constume DLCs were announced: White Mage dress for Serah and Black Mage dress for Noel, but also a collection of a dozen and more costumes for Mog...and, if I have to say it, the tigerish one is cute :3


-Diablo 3
The recent open beta was played by over 300.000 users, a massive number that really stressed Blizzard's servers, but it was all part of the plan to work on making a better online service when the game will be released on 15th of May.
Also, I was one of those 300.000 and I have to say that (when I was able to log in XD) the game is really interesting and I'll surely buy it if I'll have the money for it ^^

-The Witcher 2
Here's a little interview with CDProjeckt about the new add-ons featured in The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition: new characters, new quests, a lot of new stuff for an awesome game that now even Xbox 360 players can enjoy

Good news for the ones who pre-ordered this new MMORPG: the beta access was anticipated and you can actually join it right now.
Level cap is 38 and character cap for each server is 8.
The game will be released on the 3rd of May

-Risen 2: Dark Waters
This pirate RPG game is now avaible on PC, along with two DLC: Treasure Island, a new quest that ties the game with its prequel and some special pirate clothes that will give you 5% of added experience


-Project X Zone
This NamcoXCapcom spiritual sequel that will now feature Namco Bandai, Sega and Capcom together, is now giving us some info about the playble characters: the roaster gets bigger with Zephyr and Leanne from Resonance of Fate (Sega)
Frank West and Lei Lei from Dead Rising and Darkstalkers (Capcom)
And also Soma and Alisa from God Eater Burst (Namco)
Surely the roaster will get bigger and bigger but still there is no news for an American or European release, damn XD

-Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
Atlus confirmed that they're working on the remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, RPG for Sega Saturn and PSX to be released on 3DS.
This remake will feature new graphic, new voice dub, new anime cutscenes and shortened loading times. If they'll have the quality of the first two Persona remakes on PSP, this too will be awesome.


-Surge Concerto: Ciel no Surge
A 10 minutes gameplay for this new RPG

-Persona 4 the golden
New trailer for the Persona 4 remake on PSVita


-Persona 2: Ethernal Punishment
New trailer with all the characters for this enhanted remake of Persona 2

April 27, 2012

Let's talk about...The Granstream Saga!

Time for a new article about a forgotten RPG and I couldn't think about something else then "The Granstream Saga"

This is one of that special cases where a game is kinda snobbed because it came out at a "busy" fact, it was released in japan at 1997, when japanese players were busy playing Final Fantasy 7, released the same year, but the european release wasn't lucky either, 'cause we saw it in stores in 1999, when most of us were playing Final Fantasy 8.

Let's point it already: this isn't an RPG as good as those two, it has a lot of flaws...but still, there are a lot of special things about it, that really deserve to be analized.

Basic things first: as I said, it was released November 6, 1997 in Japan, June 30, 1998 in North America and last, February 26, 1999 in PAL territory, developped by "Shade", or better know as "Quintet", a develop company most active during the '90s, with many action RPGs released on the NES and SNES system, like "ActRiser 1 & 2", "Soul Blazer" and "Illusion of Gaia" ("Illusion of Time" in Europe), but also with some other release in recent period, like "Godzilla Generations" for Dreamcast and "Orphen: Scion of Sorcery" for Playstation 2 (an interesting game that will probably deserve his own article in the future, we'll see). Sadly there isn't a lot of activity from them recently, except for some collaborations with other games

Anyway, let's talk about this specific game...

The Granstream Saga backstory is about a great war between two factions, the Allied Spirit Army and the Imperial Wizardry. At the climax of the war, the Imperial Wizardry built a special weapon that, based on their calculations, should have striked with heavy damages the enemy field...but, hey, guess what? It didn't worked, instead, they caused massive damage to the whole planet, changing the planet axis and causing global warming and the rise of the oceans, nice job!

Always a war...why can't they solve things with some cookies?
Luckly, four guys, called Wise Men, managed to create a machine to rise the continents up in the sky, allowing them to save them from the flood. With this system under their and their descendents surveillance, the world was going to be ok, but someday, the descendents of the Wise Men disappeared and the continents are now risking to fall. And this is where the main story begins,

We take control of Eon, a crimson-haired young orphan who lives with his adopted father, and archeologist named Valos, on the Wind continent of Shilf, where Valos job is to cut whole pieces of landscape with the help of magic stones, to make the continent lighter and save it from falling down. But there are no more magic stones, so the continents are doomed...or maybe the solution will rest inside some old ruins, where the search for a solution will result in Eon finding about a mysterious power he possess thanks to his parents memento, a strange crystal on his bracelet.
During his quest, he'll travel to all the continents, meet with interesting characters and facing REALLY hard choices...

My hair has the same color of my shirt, your argument is invalid
There is the plot, now for the gameplay...

In this action RPG, you control the main character in a top-down visual, exploring towns and dungeons. In the dungeons you will trigger the battle by entering in contact with enemies who are fully displayed on the map: there will be no transactions to a battle screen, the camera will move to a more dynamic angle and you'll start fighting. The battles are quite simple: you can attack, defend or use magic, chaining basic attacks for a quick combo, running or dodging. Yours and your enemies life is composed by two bars, one is the HP bar, the other is the Life Points bar: when the HP bar is depleted, you'll lose one Life on your Life Points Bar, and start again with a full HP bar, if you lose all your HP with no more Life Points, it's Game Over, or victory if you do this to the enemy.

Striking the enemy with your weapon is good, but don't forget we have still MP for some spells!
Most of the battles are quite easy and the random enemies will never give you much of a challenge...but of course, bosses are on another league, and they'll require more than just button-smashing the attack button, you'll always have to be on your guard.

Graphically talking, there are some flaws we need to point out: character designs for the important ones are pretty good, but still, nothing exceptional; also, funny thing to point out, characters models DONT' HAVE FACES!!!

Probably this was made 'cause with the top-down visual there wouldn't be the need to show faces, or maybe because during cutscenes, there are characters portait that provide expressions during dialogues.
I don't know the real reason for that, but still, it's a funny thing/unusual lack.

Eon : I wanted to, but i just remembered that I don't physically have eyes...
While the whole world isn't really detailed, there is to point out that this is one of the first RPG that came with full-polygonal landscapes, something different from PSX's "Final Fantasy", that would stick with more detailed, but pre-rendered backgrounds, and more similar to Squaresoft's "Vagrant Story".

First dungeon in the game, we'll see a lot of them, don't worry...
Also, during the game there are a lot of very well animated anime cutscenes that will show some important plot points.

As I said, important plot points...
So, any other things to point out? Yuuuuuuuuup, and not a good one
The english voice's not the worst I've heard, but it's so bland and uninspired, there is very little effort in it, and it fail to give "emotions" on the different situations. Pretty average is the music and the sound effects, nothing remarkable, but still nice to hear.
Pretty obviously, my favorite music in this game is the battle theme

So, is there anything left to say about this game?
I guess I covered most of the important things to say: it's not a masterpiece or a game that would start a competition against other RPGs, but personally, I don't think it was his purpose.
"The Granstream Saga" greatest misluck was to be released on a console during a time period where Squaresoft was dominating with his products.

Sometimes a nice concept and a great story, with some nice, even if not perfect, graphic and music is not enough to pierce the market, even if, the players who tried this game, never forget it, probably, that's the best moral victory it could be achieved.

April 14, 2012

New Youtube account

Hola guys!

Just a short comunication to say that I changed my Youtube account and that my Let's Play will no longer be uploaded on the old one that I have already deleted.
Instead, my new account that you can find HERE will now host all my future videos

Nothing else to say, 'cept that a new "Let's talk about..." is coming very soon with a new RPG to analyze ^^

See ya!

March 19, 2012

Let's talk about...Anachronox!

Well, I guess it's worth to spend some time talking about this old but awesome RPG!!!

Anachronox was an RPG produced by Tom Hall and Ion Storm Studio (the makers of Deus Ex, Daikatana and Thief: Deadly Shadows), published by Eidos Interactive and released around June 2001.

The story is about...guess what? Anachronox!

Anachronox is a small planet inside a giant artificial satellite called "Sender One".
The planet is home of a lot of alien species and humans, but while the northen part of Anachronox is a "nice" place to live, the southern part is crime ruled and full of slums and misery.

Our main character is Sylvester "Sly Boots" Bucelli, a detective that runs his agency in a bar's storage room in South Anachronox.
Being a laxy ass, he has no luck in finding himself a job and the first thing we see of him is being punched and throwed out of the window for being unable to repay a debt he has with one of the local crimelord, Detta.

Our hero, ladies and gentlemen: being beaten by a dwarf with sunglasses in the first 2 minutes of, seriously!
But his journey to find a job for money will quickly became a quest to save the universe from the dark forces that threaten it.

Other characters includes Fatima Doohan, Sly secretary who died in an accident years ago and now lives as a digitalized life from inside a special PDA, called "LifeCursor" that acts also as the mouse pointer in the game (ok, that's just awesome XD), Grumpos, an old schoolar with a bad attitude and the longest beard in the universe, PAL-18, Boots personal modified robot and many more for a total of 7 playible characters.

Some of the characters

There are a lot of things that makes this game special, first of all, the gameplay: it's a successful experiment of mixing western RPG with j-RPG, taking the best of both styles.

In Anachronox you can explore big cities and dungeons, receiving missions from NPCs and it's up to you to decide how to complete them.

One example? At the start of the game, you can meet somebody who's searching for his father murderer, asking you to search for his house address; you'll eventually find that out, and you have the choice to tell it straight to the orphan lady so she can make justice on her own, or you can advice the murderer and let him run away, either way, you'll get rewards (and doing a special trick, a double reward, but you must discover it on your own XD).

So, where is the j-RPG part of the gameplay? Well, unlike most western RPGs, here you have an Active Time based battle system, like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger to mention some.

Your party will engage enemies when they'll find them on the field (unless they're not trying to ambush you!) and fight with their weapons and special attacks when their ATB is full.
You can also move on the battle field to escape from enemy melee attacks or to hide from their ranged attacks, but since the movement takes one turn, you have to choose wisely when to do it.
At the end of the battle you receive EXP points, items and eventually level up, just like ordinary j-RPGs.

The battle result screen

The graphic of the game is quite good too, since it uses a modified Quake 2 engine to give characters improved facial expressions, movements and great quality textures (even if sometimes they lack on most NPCs and some locations) but it's overall an awesome visual experience.

Let's not forget about the sound, dark tunes but also energic ones, and great battle for you, the Main Theme!

The game was critically acclaimed when it was released: the great combination of two different role play game styles, a great sci-fi/cyberpunk adventure and subtle dark humor made the game famous and it's recognized as one of Ion Storm studio best games...but, unforunally, the game wasn't a commercial success and the planned sequel was cancelled, leaving the game ending with a big cliffhanger...

We don't know if a sequel will be released in the future (Tom Hall said that he really wants to make a sequel and already has the plot written and that, if he'll not be able to make the game for the 2020, he'll release the plot script on his website), but for now, we know that you can play this awesome game on your PC, since recently released it on his website and you can buy it for 5,99$

Don't miss it, this awesome RPG needs love, a lot of it ^^

March 8, 2012

Let's play Megaman Legends part 0 !!

Here there are, finally, my firsts videos !!!
The first video is just a normal video walkthrough without commentary, while the second one is dubbed by myself in italian

Don't forget to comment the video also on my Youtube account ^^

I hope I'll do a good job XD

March 5, 2012

"Megaman Legends" project coming soon

As we all know , Megaman Legends 3 has been stomped into oblivion by Capcom who thought that because they wouldn't be able to make an "Ultimate" or "Arcade" edition out of it , it wasn't going to sell well and they stopped the development

But , hey , don't even dare to say that Capcom ignore their fans

In fact , even if not from the Megaman Legends series , the blue bomber will be a playble character in the upcoming "Street Fighter X Tekken" fighting game crossover

His chin is so big it'll be part of his combo moves
Don't you all feel trolled every second you see this image ? ^^

Can't wait to see his costume DLC where he'll turn into his Captain N version

Cartoon version : you're doing it MEGA-wrong
So....aehm.....returning to the main an angry fan , the only thing I can do without using explosives is pretty simple :

I'll do a "Let's play" video featuring the Megaman Legends games , hoping to show to others how good and well-made these games are and why we all love them XD

I'll also provide with voice comments but unfortunately it'll be only in italian , sorry XD
I'm already recording my playthrough , so , just stay tuned for updates XD

January 21, 2012

Facing demons

Well , not actually the enemies of some kind of RPG , that would be cool and interesting (XD)
I'm talking about the "doubt demon" in my Real and Online Life

I recently had some thoughts about my life , my friends and my future
Usually , I just ignore them , thinking they were just in my immaginations , and I was usually right , there really was nothing wrong

But after a better view , I finally saw that something was definitely not right : there were problems , problems that I ignored and that are now making my relationships very hard

I have to try and fix them before I'll not be able to do it anymore
I deeply care about my friends , in the present and in the future , they ARE my future , I don't want to carry doubts in the future , that's why I'll do what I can to erase the doubts and be able to be a better person for everybody

And when I'll be able to face them , I'll be able to come back in the communities I left without fears

This is just to clearify the journals in the communities I left , don't worry about me , I'll be fine ^^

January 12, 2012


How can you express friendship to some friends if not , after a lot of trying , manage to draw them something ?

From left to right : "KonnyKon" the bunny , "Zephir Proudhon" the tiger and "Sparky the chu" the......chu x3

What else to say.........thanks for being two of my greatest and most important friends ever ^-^

January 10, 2012

Another Livestream Chibi session

New chibis , maybe the last time I'll draw them , maybe not , who knows ? XD

Evolution makes Pokemon cuter x3

Hi there :3

I has a fluffy tail :3

Fear the muscle cuteness >:3
That's all for now XD