September 12, 2013

When a console fails...

I bet we're all waiting for the new generation of home console, PS4 and XBox One looks amazing and they promise wonders.

Still, I want to spend some words on two current gen consoles, that are hardly trying to get more audience but somehow they just don't seem to interest anybody.

I'm talking about the Wii U and PSVita, who failed to meet the expectations of their creators in the short run and their future is definitely not bright...

Wii U is a relatively old system, slighty more powerful than the current gen home consoles, but the major game companies are now focused on the next gen, making it hard to develop software for it, and also including special controls for their tablet/controller.

PSVita is a powerful handled, but it lacks INTERESTING software: most of his games are porting or remakes of PS3 games and the really interesting exclusives are not enough to sell the system.

Both Nintendo and Sony are trying to fix those things, each with his own methods: Nintendo is trying to gain supports from the 3rd parties to develop their multiplatform games on their console too, while developing games from their most famous franchises, instead Sony recently announced a new PSVita version, trying to appeal at a wider audience.

Personally, I highly doubt they will be able to fix their troubles only with those choices, but, in all fairness, I guess PSVita is in a better position, Sony clearly wanted to push the sales of the console, offering a price cut and a cheaper more interesting version.

I hope that Nintendo will find a way to get up too: their home console might not be the best, but there are indeed interesting games, like Dragon Quest X, The Wonderful 101, the upcoming Bayonetta 2 and several Nintendo games and they need to be acknowledged.

What's your opinion in it, let me know!