June 29, 2011

A jump into the past - The first Zephir Zophar pic

He he , while sorting all my pictures , I've found a VERY old picture , something I drew over 10 years ago and it's the "prototype" version of Zephir Zophar.

He he , I drew him while at school.......like the 60% of all my drawings XD

Years passed , but the chara is "almost" the same , he he

June 27, 2011


He he , nothing is better then drawing a pic for your friend and using it as a training for a new color/shade style XD

I call this "double win" even if the result is not an awesome pic , but I just need to keep training on the new style ^^

June 23, 2011

Ghosty Icons

Some time ago , I drew some avatars for me and my friends , they were little chibi ghosts floating
I never thought they would become a little meme , but in no time , people asked A LOT of icons for their characters and in the end........I managed to draw 100 of them x3

There is the whole list
They'll haunt your dreams >:3

Sonic Generations : Classic Sonic new power revealed

For the ones that still don't know it :
 Sonic Generations is a recently announced Sonic game for XBox360 , PS3 and 3DS (and rumored , for PC too) that will feature both the Sonic from the Genesis era (commonly know as Classic Sonic) and the actual Sonic (know as Modern Sonic).
The game will mix the classic gameplay we saw playing Sonic on the Sega Genesis , as a 2D platformer and the modern gameplay taken from the most recent games like Sonic Colours.

Today Sega released a playble demo featuring Classic Sonic in "Green Hill" , that will expire in 20 days
Now , I have to say......the game is funny , fast and it plays well , it's like an improved version of Sonic 4
While i was playing I thought "Hey , this game really is cool.........Finally Sega did something great with Sonic , it's really awe......"
And when I was going to say "awesome" , THIS happened...
Hovering : The new Classic Sonic power
.....the hell is that ? I was praising Sega for once , and they gave me THIS ?
I understand that the game is a demo and that they can still improve it , but.....man , I'm scared......'cause this isn't the first time that they screw the laws of the physics
If you don't know what I mean.....
Screw the rules , I can take a vertical nap
Well , let's hope they'll fix it , I know it's stupid to be mad for these things , but these errors are way MORE stupid !!

June 20, 2011

Cooking with Zephir : Pancakes

When I woke up today , like all the other days , I wasn't able to do anything : I can't do anything if I don't have my breakfast immediatly after waking up.

But , with horror , I noticed that my cereals and the milk was missing........we forget to buy them the other day ;_;


Then I saw them........sugar , honey , eggs.........and then I said "Let's do it !!!" and I started to cook PANCAKES
And after some little "adventures" (like the first pancake almost burned) this is the result
Tiggy plushie is guarding them , don't even try to steal >:3
It's nothing too complex , everyone can do them with the ingredients and some time
For the pancakes you see in the photo I used..

100g flour
50g sugar
1/2 teaspoon of Baking Powder
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of Honey
2 spoon of water

- Mix the two eggs with the sugar and mix them untill the sugar is totally melt
- Add the flour after you have sift it and mix
- Add the honey and mix
- Separately melt the baking powder with the water , then add it to the mixture and mix
- Leave the mixture to rest for 30 minutes
- After resting , take a frying pan and turn on the burner at low flame
- When the pan is hot , use a spoon to take some of the mixture and gently drop it on the pan from above
- Leave it cooking for some seconds , when you see some little bubbles on the surface , flip the pancake
- After some other seconds , remove the pancake and leave it on a plate
- Repeat the process untill you use all the mixture

You should have a dozen or more pancakes , not really big , but tasty :3
Remember to eat them when they're still warm , maybe with some chocolate syrup or butter , or anything you want

Have fun !


June 18, 2011

Got tail x3

While training for drawing better pics with the tablet , I did this quick sketch starring Dante , a cute umbreon who loves to nom Zephir tail , he he :3

Yay , tail :3
Now , I think I'll probably train some more , I feel inspired !!!

June 16, 2011

Both good and bad news...

A good news : FINALLY the banner is complete , yay !
I think it's good enough : it's simple and it shows the two main characters , nothing wrong with it then XD

Bad news : I broke my beloved necklace ;_;

I really loved it and it looks like I'll not be able to fix it
Probably I'll have to find another one....oh well , that's the life after all

June 15, 2011

Banner , banner......

Even if I'm already posting stuff on this blog , it still miss things before it'll be complete , for example the banner : I'm trying to draw something nice for it , but I can't think of anything , I'm drawing lots of sketches and nothing interesting came out
Well , I'll have to try again XD
Meanwhile , have fun with a random Zephir Proudhon sketch XD

Now....where I left the chocolate ?

June 12, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle Theme

If you know me , you should know that I LOVE RPGs , mostly jRPGs , but more specific , I love the battle themes , they give you energy X3

A good RPG loses a lot of points if the battle theme suck..... 

Luckly that's not the case of the Final Fantasy series , that has always cool battle themes : my favorites are FF9 and FF13.

Since they announced FF13-2 , I was curious to hear the new battle theme , thinking it would be a remix of Blinded by Light , or something new like FFX-2.

Well , the time has come , the battle theme has been revealed at the E3.................and it's awesome !!!!! :3

Oh man , i cannot wait to play the game , this battle theme is both calm and energetic , yay !!!!

June 11, 2011

Wheee !!

Hi hi guys :3

This is my first time with a blog , I hope I'll not screw everything ^_^''

Introduction first : I'm Zephir , but you can call me Zeph for short , and...........well , that's it for now XD
This blog will serve mostly as a gallery to show my pictures , but also as a place where to talk about games , anime and other fun stuff :3

Hope you'll like what I'll upload here from now on , meanwhile , I'll leave you with Ghost Zephir >:3

He'll haunt you forever >:3