March 5, 2012

"Megaman Legends" project coming soon

As we all know , Megaman Legends 3 has been stomped into oblivion by Capcom who thought that because they wouldn't be able to make an "Ultimate" or "Arcade" edition out of it , it wasn't going to sell well and they stopped the development

But , hey , don't even dare to say that Capcom ignore their fans

In fact , even if not from the Megaman Legends series , the blue bomber will be a playble character in the upcoming "Street Fighter X Tekken" fighting game crossover

His chin is so big it'll be part of his combo moves
Don't you all feel trolled every second you see this image ? ^^

Can't wait to see his costume DLC where he'll turn into his Captain N version

Cartoon version : you're doing it MEGA-wrong
So....aehm.....returning to the main an angry fan , the only thing I can do without using explosives is pretty simple :

I'll do a "Let's play" video featuring the Megaman Legends games , hoping to show to others how good and well-made these games are and why we all love them XD

I'll also provide with voice comments but unfortunately it'll be only in italian , sorry XD
I'm already recording my playthrough , so , just stay tuned for updates XD

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