October 10, 2012

Pokemon PETA version


The 12th of October, we european guys will be able to get our paws on the new Pokémon games: White 2 and Black 2, the first direct sequels in the Pokémon main series (not counting Gold and Silver, even if it's set in the same region, with a little time skip, and...oh well...).

There is, however, something else, related to the franchise, that is making some news: the (in)famous organization for the animal rights , the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (or PETA) has once again started a campaign against the Pokémon games.

The motive is the same: Pokémon is showing childrens that keeping animals stucked in tiny little balls and making them battle is a good thing, so, logically, it's positive to animal abuse and cruelty.

"It doesn't make sense", you say? Don't worry, nothing related to PETA makes sense...remember the "Super Mario 3D Land" promotes raccoon hunt because of the Tanuki Suit?

Aaaaaaaaanyway...to show the real intention of the evil Pokèmon games, PETA counterattacks with a parody flash game based on it, called "Pokémon Black & Blue: Gotta free 'em all".

As you can see, the theme of this kids game is REVENGE...wait, what?
In this game you control an abused Pikachu and other injured Pokémons, in short battles against the evil and abusive humans like Cheren and Professor Juniper.
While still possessing the basic attacks like Thundershock, there are also some special ones like "Protests" and "Group Hug", I guess because they want to show "the good thing to do", duh...

Successfully beating the crap out of the humans, you'll gain some little bonuses, like wallpapers and cards.

Tepig - Your Lotta Hart cosplay is awful!

You can try the flash game by clicking the link below


Now, after playing the game, I guess I should say my opinion, it's also perfect 'cause it's kinda RPGish, so it's totally my department! x3

I really don't have a lot to say, I have just one thing to say...


Why this? What is the purpose of it? What does it try to accomplish?They're really trying to pin animal abuse on a children game/anime? What the hell are they thinking?

It almost feel like nobody is giving a shit to this organization and that they desperatly need attentions, so they just say the greatest idiocy in the world, so people will start talking about them, and somehow, it worked.

I'm not even against what they're trying to say, of course, it's totally understable what they're trying to say...to bad that even their message is wrong: I mean...you want to show us that forcing animals to fight other animals and hurting them is bad, really bad, so, what do they do? They let us play a game where we use INJURED ANIMALS to fight against HUMANS, that's almost worse...

What everybody see
What PETA see

It's...really...it's impossible to take it seriously...I'm trying, really, but with things like that...

Just...just try something else, PETA, flash parody games totally aren't your things...

On the good side, nice drawing and nice music

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