March 25, 2013

Monday Music: The Last Remnant - Sword Sparks

Happy Monday to all, just like the past week, it's time for another battle theme, this time from "The Last Remnant".
This game, even with all his flaws, is full of battle themes and has an amazing soundtrack, but if I have to pick one, it'll defintely be "Sword Sparks"!

It has an incredible pacing and energy, makes you wanna pick a fight with everything on sight! XD

Enjoy the music and see ya soon!

March 18, 2013

Monday Music: Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded by Light

Starting from now, every monday, I'll give you a video featuring a battle theme from an RPG, either an official or a fan-remix.

I want to start with a big shot: a remix from the basic battle theme from Final Fantasy XIII "Blinded by Light" god it's amazing!!!

Not only it's wonderfully done, but it also fits in the original game soundtrack!
Go watch and fave these guys other works, they're awesome!

What do you think? A good start, isn't it?

March 17, 2013

Work in progress

You may probably see some weird stuff for now, I'm just working on doing some things x3