April 30, 2012

RPG News, starting now

Here's another little thing I decided to do for the blog x3
From now on, I'll write here all the news regarding RPGs of all the consoles, so we'll be able to track everything of our favorites games.
Since it's the first, I'll start with a little recap of the news of the week


-Dragon Quest X
Square-Enix finally announced the release data for his new Dragon Quest chapter(which, I remind you, it'll be a MMORPG). The Wii version will be released in Japan the 2nd of August, while the WiiU version is still without date.
There will be two releases: a normal one and a bundle with a 16GB USB Key, probably for downloadable contents.
There is also to say, that you need to pay to play online on this game and that there will be subscriptions of 1.000, 1.950 or 2.900 yen for 30, 60 and 90 days of online play, but Square will give to all new players a 20 days free subscription.
It's really a strange thing to have a MMORPG on Wii, and not even a free-to-play game...but, hey, we'll just have to wait the 2nd of August for the first impressions XD


-Mass effect 3
For PS3 players, they are finally able to play the Multiplayers events that for now were exclusive to only Xbox 360 and PC players, thanks to both Sony and Bioware

-Atelier Ayesha
Some new screens and info for the new "Atelier" game from Gust company.
Gust confirmed that the new battle system will allow the character to freely move on the battlefield. The distance from the enemy will be essential for the damage and the co-op attacks, but you'll also be able to attack from behind for a great surprise strike.
Down below a couple of screens

XBOX 360

-Dragon Dogma
The demo of this open-world RPG is out on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, but there is also another interesting thing for the japanese Xbox players...buying one of the new Chrome controller you'll also have a special code that will give you access to eight special quests in the game.

A DLC code for a game bundled with a controller? Interesting XD


-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Looks like a DLC is on his way on this open world RPG: some users from the official community of Skyrim found on one of the last update of the game a folder named DLC01 with datas, animations, weapons, totally new for the game, so it'll probably be about a new downloadable content that will be relased soon, but since there's nothing official from Bethesda, we'll just have to wait...

-Final Fantasy XIII-2
As most of you know it, during May we'll be able to download two special story DLC: one with Snow and one with Lightning.
We finally know some feature of the young lady episode: the battle system will be something a bit different and from the screens we have, we can see that Lightning possess some new roles different from the original six ones, such as Attack Paladin, Blast Wizard and Defense Knight

Also, new constume DLCs were announced: White Mage dress for Serah and Black Mage dress for Noel, but also a collection of a dozen and more costumes for Mog...and, if I have to say it, the tigerish one is cute :3


-Diablo 3
The recent open beta was played by over 300.000 users, a massive number that really stressed Blizzard's servers, but it was all part of the plan to work on making a better online service when the game will be released on 15th of May.
Also, I was one of those 300.000 and I have to say that (when I was able to log in XD) the game is really interesting and I'll surely buy it if I'll have the money for it ^^

-The Witcher 2
Here's a little interview with CDProjeckt about the new add-ons featured in The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition: new characters, new quests, a lot of new stuff for an awesome game that now even Xbox 360 players can enjoy

Good news for the ones who pre-ordered this new MMORPG: the beta access was anticipated and you can actually join it right now.
Level cap is 38 and character cap for each server is 8.
The game will be released on the 3rd of May

-Risen 2: Dark Waters
This pirate RPG game is now avaible on PC, along with two DLC: Treasure Island, a new quest that ties the game with its prequel and some special pirate clothes that will give you 5% of added experience


-Project X Zone
This NamcoXCapcom spiritual sequel that will now feature Namco Bandai, Sega and Capcom together, is now giving us some info about the playble characters: the roaster gets bigger with Zephyr and Leanne from Resonance of Fate (Sega)
Frank West and Lei Lei from Dead Rising and Darkstalkers (Capcom)
And also Soma and Alisa from God Eater Burst (Namco)
Surely the roaster will get bigger and bigger but still there is no news for an American or European release, damn XD

-Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
Atlus confirmed that they're working on the remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, RPG for Sega Saturn and PSX to be released on 3DS.
This remake will feature new graphic, new voice dub, new anime cutscenes and shortened loading times. If they'll have the quality of the first two Persona remakes on PSP, this too will be awesome.


-Surge Concerto: Ciel no Surge
A 10 minutes gameplay for this new RPG

-Persona 4 the golden
New trailer for the Persona 4 remake on PSVita


-Persona 2: Ethernal Punishment
New trailer with all the characters for this enhanted remake of Persona 2


  1. Divertente riguardo gli atelier, ne ho due totori e rorona. Entrambi da iniziare. Tutto perchè mi è piaciuto iris. ^^;

    1. Io ho solo gli Iris, gli altri non posso averli perchè non ho la PS3, ma divertiti quando ci giocherai ^^

    2. Se riuscirò a divertirmi, son in giapponese con sottotitoli in inglese. ^^; Solo i manuali son in italiano. ^^;

      Ma certamente ci giocherò dopo però avermi tolto qualche giochino wii tipo xenoblade. ^_^