May 16, 2012

RPG News : Final Fantasy, Pokemon and more...

Plenty of news recently, mostly about Final Fantasy


- Nomura recently stated in an interview that he's aware that fans really want a Final Fantasy VII remake more than everything.
However, he also stated that Square-Enix is now mainly focused on new games instead of remakes, as they want to create something even better than the seventh chapter. He also said that Yoshinori Kitase (FFXIII-2 producer) is gonna be his successor for Final Fantasy leadership in the future.
Not a bad idea in my opinion, FFXIII/XIII-2 are really good games.

- Speaking of FFXIII-2, new DLC were released: a new colosseum battle against Snow and Valfodr and the Story DLC with Lightning: this one will feature a different battle system, but not really a revolution.
Lightning will have some new roles, different from the Ravager, Commando and Medic ones and will feature a Level up system based on how you do well in battle.

- Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not be at the upcoming E3, big surprise XD


Anime trailer for the new Pokemon Black 2/White 2, and wow, it's awesome XD


New info for the crossover game between Namco, Capcom and Sega:

- Support Attack and Cross Hit systems detailed
- Support Attacks are special attacks from your fellow party members
- if another unit is near your unit (around 8 spaces), you'll be able to trigger a Support Attack 
- the support unit will perform a followup attack 
- this can only be used once in battle
- Cross Hit is related to Support Attacks
- if the main unit and support unit strike the enemy simultaneously, you'll trigger a Cross Hit 
- this freezes the enemy and allows for easier combos

Also, new characters:

- Street Fighter’s Chun Li
- Darkstalkers’ Morrigan
- Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier’s Haken Browning and Kaguya Nanbu
- Sakura Wars’ Erica and Gemini
- Dynamite Deka’s Bruno
- Valkyrie no Densetsu’s Valkyrie


According to a recent interview with producer Hideo Baba

- catch phrase for the new game is "Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?"
- this ties into both the story and gameplay systems
- this game will have a more modern theme
- consider this the team's challenge to take the Tales series to the next stage
- Namco Bandai has other Tales games in development besides this entry
- when Tales Studio closed, that studio's staff moved into Namco Bandai
- now members of the Tales team can move to the Idolmaster team, and members of the Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master teams come to the Tales team

That's it for now, see ya XD


  1. Cattsaw, ce ne ha messo per essere "aware" che sono anni che si aspetta una riedizione: un remake di FF7 venderebbe più di qualsiasi altro titolo Square-Enix. Chiedo solo che lo facessero anche per pc (sarà impossibile ç_ç).


    1. Beh, il 7 originale era su pc...XD