January 21, 2012

Facing demons

Well , not actually the enemies of some kind of RPG , that would be cool and interesting (XD)
I'm talking about the "doubt demon" in my Real and Online Life

I recently had some thoughts about my life , my friends and my future
Usually , I just ignore them , thinking they were just in my immaginations , and I was usually right , there really was nothing wrong

But after a better view , I finally saw that something was definitely not right : there were problems , problems that I ignored and that are now making my relationships very hard

I have to try and fix them before I'll not be able to do it anymore
I deeply care about my friends , in the present and in the future , they ARE my future , I don't want to carry doubts in the future , that's why I'll do what I can to erase the doubts and be able to be a better person for everybody

And when I'll be able to face them , I'll be able to come back in the communities I left without fears

This is just to clearify the journals in the communities I left , don't worry about me , I'll be fine ^^

January 12, 2012


How can you express friendship to some friends if not , after a lot of trying , manage to draw them something ?

From left to right : "KonnyKon" the bunny , "Zephir Proudhon" the tiger and "Sparky the chu" the......chu x3

What else to say.........thanks for being two of my greatest and most important friends ever ^-^

January 10, 2012

Another Livestream Chibi session

New chibis , maybe the last time I'll draw them , maybe not , who knows ? XD

Evolution makes Pokemon cuter x3

Hi there :3

I has a fluffy tail :3

Fear the muscle cuteness >:3
That's all for now XD

January 7, 2012

New chibi pics

These are some other pics I did during yesterday Livestream ^^

Playing the Ocarina of Time :3


And now , some Sean (Street Fighter 3) cosplay x3
We'll see what I'll have to draw next x3

January 5, 2012

Some chibi pics

First of all , happy new year everybody x3
I plan to make a better use of this blog from now on , so , let's start with something nice XD

These are some chibi drawings I did for friends on Livestream and the Christmas picture for 2011 ^^

Meow , I'm in a box :3

Rawr , the world is mine x3

Who wants to play with me ? :3

Nu , jewel is mine >:3

Rawr , ripped cuteness x3
I'll do more Livestreams in the future , let's see what will happen x3