June 23, 2011

Sonic Generations : Classic Sonic new power revealed

For the ones that still don't know it :
 Sonic Generations is a recently announced Sonic game for XBox360 , PS3 and 3DS (and rumored , for PC too) that will feature both the Sonic from the Genesis era (commonly know as Classic Sonic) and the actual Sonic (know as Modern Sonic).
The game will mix the classic gameplay we saw playing Sonic on the Sega Genesis , as a 2D platformer and the modern gameplay taken from the most recent games like Sonic Colours.

Today Sega released a playble demo featuring Classic Sonic in "Green Hill" , that will expire in 20 days
Now , I have to say......the game is funny , fast and it plays well , it's like an improved version of Sonic 4
While i was playing I thought "Hey , this game really is cool.........Finally Sega did something great with Sonic , it's really awe......"
And when I was going to say "awesome" , THIS happened...
Hovering : The new Classic Sonic power
.....the hell is that ? I was praising Sega for once , and they gave me THIS ?
I understand that the game is a demo and that they can still improve it , but.....man , I'm scared......'cause this isn't the first time that they screw the laws of the physics
If you don't know what I mean.....
Screw the rules , I can take a vertical nap
Well , let's hope they'll fix it , I know it's stupid to be mad for these things , but these errors are way MORE stupid !!

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