June 12, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle Theme

If you know me , you should know that I LOVE RPGs , mostly jRPGs , but more specific , I love the battle themes , they give you energy X3

A good RPG loses a lot of points if the battle theme suck..... 

Luckly that's not the case of the Final Fantasy series , that has always cool battle themes : my favorites are FF9 and FF13.

Since they announced FF13-2 , I was curious to hear the new battle theme , thinking it would be a remix of Blinded by Light , or something new like FFX-2.

Well , the time has come , the battle theme has been revealed at the E3.................and it's awesome !!!!! :3

Oh man , i cannot wait to play the game , this battle theme is both calm and energetic , yay !!!!

1 comment:

  1. Bella! Però mi mancherà un pò il vecchio solito theme che stava dai primi FF...comunque concordo, una buona musica per la battaglia è un MUST, senza non ti da la giusta carica.