October 10, 2011

Persona 4 - the Animation

Yup , it's finally here , the first episode of Persona 4 the Animation , an anime based on the famous PS2 j-RPG that will also gain soon a PSVITA remake and an arcade/console beat 'em up spinoff

This is the first episode , already subbed in english

Here's my opinion on this episode

I think the episode was great , not just because they tried to follow the event of the game closely , but they also used the same soundtrack and some other little things related to the game , like for example the calendar with the weather forecast and the Main Character social chart , very pretty. Still , it's obvious that the episode will rush the events , and the result is that a 2 hour intro was squeezed in a 20 minutes episode , but that's the way it works , it's still awesome XD

The next episode will be relased the 14th October , I cannot wait for it XD

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