June 13, 2013

E3 impressions

Well guys, you know it, E3 is gone and we were able to see a lot of stuff, both good and bad, awesome and terrible, "OHMYFUCKINGGODTHATSAWESOME" and "WHATTHEFUCKISTHISSHIT".

I'll try to sum my thoughts on the main conferences and then give my personal "awards" to the games and the events that happened.

There is no need to be gentle...Microsoft conference sucked hard, really really hard.
The lack of interesting exclusive games, along with the presentation of the most non-gamer-friendly console you could ever create and the recent declarations from Don "Customer appreciation" Mattrick...

“Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called Xbox 360,”
 ...makes this conference a 2 hours long "WAH WAH WAH" fail sound effect.

And, yeah, let's spend some words on the Xbox One...

- 499€ and there is nothing else to say about it
- It requires an online check in every 24h otherwise you'll not be able to use the console AT ALL, not even the offline contents...i guess in America there is never a power outage, a system blackout, an unexpected maintenance, but here in the land of commoners (aka Europe) we have those sometimes, it happens, you can't made an home console you can't use because of so many variables, it's...just wrong.
- Kinect must always be connected, that's not really an issue, but still...
- The used games fuck-up...to play them you'll have to pay a tax 'cause apparently, having the psysical copy of the game is not enough and you have to gain also the licence possession, so basically, you'll have to pay the game twice...I can foresee the Xbox One used shelves at Gamestop being totally empty
- And the above fuck-up is applied even on the BORROWED games...if you want to play with a game I borrow you, you'll have to PAY FOR IT, unless you're into the 10 graced people I decided to put in the "Family list"...that or you log in with my account...that apparently is also tied with the console, so you can't play more than 1 hour if I got it straight...
- Again, 499€!!!
- Live Gold is back again, you have to pay for multiplayer and...nothing else
- And, I know that's stupid, but that console looks like a fucking VCR <_ p="">
Now, to be honest, some exclusive games were interesting..."Quantum Break" from Remedy was cool and "Sunset Overdrive" had an interesting style that I really dig. Also it's nice to see "Panzer Dragon" back with his spiritual successor "Crimson Dragon", but all the other games were pretty "meh" to me..."Ryse" looked like a kinect "God of War - now with 90% more QTE edition", "Killer Instinct" remake is incredible but even as a F2P, it has only one damn character while the others needs to be pay to be played.

I'll just stop it for now on Microsoft, 'cause I don't have the whole day to rant about it, I'm sure there will be plenty of reasons to be mad in the months to come XD

I'm definitely not a marketing expert, but my guess is that to make your product sell, you need to be competitive and offer to the customers something that your "opponents" don't or simply doing better than them...I guess?
Well then, Sony did it...not only his conference was one of the most interesting of the whole E3, but you also get to see their personal "middle-finger" to everything Microsoft presented some hours before
First, they showed the PS4 design and...well, it's not "impressive", it looks like two PS2 slim making a sandwich, but hey, still better than a VCR recorder...then, they announced how it'll work

- No online check-in
- No used game block
- No kinect
- No online connection required to play offline games
- 399€

No surprise, the audience went mad with joy: a next-gen console built for all the gamers in the world and not only American ones.
I guess one of the major complains about it is that you're required to pay the Playstation Plus services to play the online multiplayer, but still, the PS+ has a lot of contents, they even give you several games every months for 50$/year, I don't know you, but I'll call it a deal.
I hate to admit that neither PS4 showed a lot of interesting exclusive games, still, "Infamous: Second Son" looked great as always and "The Order 1886" was really cool, but everything else was just ok for me, obviously the games that made me the most excited were Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now Final Fantasy XV) and Kingdom Hearts 3, but they were later confirmed as multiplatforms.
Still, the Sony conference was really cool and I really look foward to what they'll show us in the future

Nintendo decided to stay away from the E3, focusing the presentation of their games on one of their Nintendo Direct aaaaaaaand...I think it wasn't as interesting as i thought...
Let me explain, I thought we would be able to see a lot of games, and they did, but the games, even if they were what we expected, they didn't look really awesome...games like "Donkey Kong Country 2" even if the game itself is awesome, it gave me the same feeling as "Super Mario Galaxy 2", just a "more of the same" with very little effort in gameplay innovation and level design.
The same applies with "Super Mario 3D World" that is basically "Super Mario 3D Land" with 4 players, a cat fursuit that PETA is already creating a flash game around and...nothing else.
But luckly there were also interesting things, like the new "Super Smash Bros", "X" from Monolith and "Pokemon X/Y".
So, I'll not say that the Nintendo Direct was a failure, it just didn't lived up my expectations, nothing more.

So, these were the three major conferences I wanted to express my opinions on, I know there were also Ubisoft and Electrinic Arts ones, but there really isn't a lot to say about them, they both had interesting stuff, "South Park: The Stick of Truth" and "Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare" respectly, but both also had useless stuff, like EA Sports flood (which I couldn't care less) and Ubisoft worst spokeperson of all time. Ubisoft also fail 'cause their greatest stuff was also the most "unseen", like "Star Wars Battlefront" and "Mirror's Edge 2" they both had short teasers without release date, I call cock tease on them XD

And now, just for fun, here's my personal awards for all the E3, hoping they'll sum all my thoughts on it, have fun ^^

Best Console - PS4
Best Conference - Sony
Best Xbox One exclusive - Quantum Break
Best PS4 exclusive - The Order 1886
Best Nintendo exclusive - Pokemon X/Y
Best graphic - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Best WTF game - Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
Best Surprise - Final Fantasy XV/Kingdom Hearts 3
Best Teaser - Mirror's Edge 2

Worst Conference - EA
Worst Xbox One exclusive - Killer Instinct
Worst PS4 exclusive - Knack
Worst Nintendo exclusive - Super Mario 3D World
Worst spokeperson - Aisha Tyler (Ubisoft)
Worst presentation for a good game - Tom Clancy's: The Division (Ubisoft)
Worst sequel - Dead Rising 3

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